Rhinos: We are continually working towards a future in which there is a sustainable rhino population, not only in Uganda, but globally. Here in Uganda, we are excited by the constant growth of rhino numbers mainly through the births on the sanctuary, as well as the animal donations.

Additional projects: we are working to expand our education and community projects to teach others about the urgent need to conserve rhinos, as well as other wildlife. We emphasise the value of biodiversity in Uganda and the importance of rhinos in local and global ecosystems. Slowly, we have seen a change in the way people approach the situations and we hope to continually prove the impact of conservation on communities locally and globally.

Our primary school on the sanctuary, Hakuna Matata, is running successfully and we plan to build a medical clinic to better care for our immediate community: medical care and educational opportunities are located far, limiting access for local families. We continue to look for funding for out school and clinic, as we know the importance of such projects:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Mandela, 2003).